I have been attending this surgery since I was a young girl. My dentist continued to be our family dentist even when we lived in Scotland. We now live in Yorkshire and it is still our dental surgery. I’m now approaching age 50 and was very sad when my dentist retired, they were fantastic with both adults and particularly children. When the new owner took over the surgery definitely took a turn for the worst, however even though I looked to move surgeries there is virtually no NHS provision available in Yorkshire, so we stayed. I’m glad we did, we have now been for a visit with the new dentist who has acquired the surgery and they appear to be cut from the same cloth as my first dentist, my husband even said they do a better scale and polish than our first dentist but not having one myself, I couldn’t comment. They are good with kids, very knowledgeable on their subject and seems to do a great job. Thank goodness they stepped in to save this practice. We have no trouble travelling all the way from Yorkshire for their treatment.

Richard shepherd

I had half both top 2 front teeth ground away after years of erosion from a bad bite. Was quoted for implants, veneers ect which was a complete no no, could never afford it. Joined this practice about august 2015 and didn’t feel like anybody really cared until this dentist turned up. They went through all my records and recommended 3 months intensive gum treatment before he would refer or do any treatment. Last week Fri 2nd of December i danced out of there, 1 hour no pain and a result i can only describe as miraculous. They have just made me proud to smile after 20 years an i’m going back for more.Thanks.

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